We all are highly concerned about the future of our job, career and business etc, in this current pandemic situation. No one has remained untouchedby the negative impacts of COVID 19, be it an individual, a company, an Industry or may whole country. There are living examples around us, of the people who have faced or are still facing tough situation in their life. Let’s hope we all get through this frightening nightmare soon.

In this blog I would like to focus on HR professionals and their upcoming challenges. Like others, an HR professional is going through a very tough time. On one side they have the fear of Lay off and on the otherhand they are burdened with the pressure of downsizing and reducing the cost of the manpower. We need to understand that how exactly this COVID 19 is going to effect the prospects for a HR professional in terms of job opportunities.
“COVID 19 is going to change the HR profiles all together”. How? I will explain. Before we go further, let’s see what are the various kinds of HR profiles currently;

Recruitment & Selection
Payroll Administration
Time office
HR compliance
Performance Management System
Learning & Development
HR operations
HR policy and other SOPs

For managing the above profiles we recruit HR professionals which can be put in two different categories:
a) HR Generalist
b) HR Specialist

HR Generalist is a profile wherein HR professionals handles two or more HR profiles as a part of their KRA. Example: If a HRpersonnelis taking care of Recruitments, Time Office and Payroll, we can say he is in HR Generalist role. Whereas, as HR Specialist he is accountable for handling only a particular role. We may have a Recruitment Specialist or Payroll Specialist.

Whether we should have more HR generalists or specialists depends on certain factors like size of the organization and budget. In a large size organization, within the HR department there are different HR teams. Like, Payroll team, Recruitment team, PMS team and Compliance team etc. However, in a mid-sized or small organizations, all the HR KRA is handled by few HR individuals. There may still be some specific profile like Compliance or Payroll for which even small companies have a dedicated HR specialist.

Having understood the HR profile, we can clearly get that having HR Specialists is a costlier affair than having HR Generalists. In large organization this high cost is justifiable but not in a mid-sized or small organizations. Especially, after COVID 19, the companies are badly looking for options to reduce their costs and manpower is the biggest cost center for all the organizations. Therefore, management of these organizations are now keenon having more and more HR Generalists. If you can handle multiple HR profiles, than you are the one whom these companies are seeking.

In the post COVID 19 era, HR generalists will be in demand. HR jobs are of course there, however, the KRA is changed. Now, companies require personnel who can handle multiple roles and therefore it’s time to upgrade ourselves. Utilizing the HR Generalist Training program, an individual can enhance his/her knowledge which will make him/her highly employable.