As per ALIGN Processional Training Institute’s study and survey, for a successful HR Professional career, knowledge of Statutory and Legal compliance, nowadays has become a necessity. A HR person can comply with labour laws and support the employees only when they have knowledge of labour laws and they know its importance.

If we talk about the importance of Labour law knowledge in the growth of an HR professional, in every area of HR profile, labour law plays crucial role, be it, Compensation and Benefits management or Payroll management or Hiring/Manpower planning or any other day to day HR operations.

In India, we have several crucial acts which are enacted for employee’s benefits like:

  • Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
  • Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
  • Payment of Bonus Act, 1948
  • Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

Nowadays, companies are looking for HR generalists who can handle the compliance part as well. In current scenario, there is huge scarcity of HR people with Statutory and Legal background. Therefore, there is a great scope for an HR Aspirant to excel in his/her career if they develop their Labour Law knowledge with a practical approach.

We at ALIGN Professional Training focus on above mentioned 4 Acts in our Module 1- Statutory and Legal Compliance. After studying these labour laws at ALIGN Professional Training, HR aspirants can well understand about the employee benefits and its importance in detail so that the necessary compliance can be fulfilled.

At ALIGN Professional Training, we have a practical approach towards the topics and we strive to not only enhance the knowledge of our trainees on the topic but also enable them to perform the role and function with ease.

Benefits of training with ALIGN Professional Training

  • Practical Approach – At ALIGN, we emphasize on on-the-job training. Trainees are been given LIVE projects and assignments in order to enhance their knowledge and help them gain confidence.
  • Stipend (earn while to learn) – We also help our trainees earn some stipend while then work on assignments given to them. This supports many of our trainees on financial front and this makes our training affordable for them even if they are financially not so well of.
  • On-line Training– COVID 19 has taught all of us to use on-line platform and this on-line platform really is very effective and time-saving approach. We at ALIGN Professional Training provide only on-line training in order to make our training cost and time effective.
  • After-training supportALIGN Professional Training Institute believes in partnership and collaboration with our trainees. This is not only our unique feature but also our strength. We provide After-training support till the time our trainee need it and our trainees reciprocate helping us in placing our trainees.

Our main objective is to remove the hindrance called ‘lack of experience’ and make every HR Aspirant capable of fulfilling their dream of becoming a Successful HR Personnel.

As we always mention “A good Practical training is sometimes even better than so-called job experience”.